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Eye Protection Tips To Keep Off Common Eye Allergies

Eye allergies often trigger irritation that is commonly recognized by symptoms such as itchiness, redness, burning and a watery discharge. However, different people react differently to allergen exposure, so it’s important you get to know your allergy symptoms. Below are some common causes of eye allergies.    Microbial Allergens Viral and bacterial conjunctivitis top the […]

How Offering Compounding Services Can Increase Your Pharmaceutical Business

Compounding services refers to creating pharmaceutical medications from scratch, meaning mixing the ingredients yourself and creating a personalized medication for a patient. In times past, medications were all made by compounding, but then drug companies began mass producing medications and pharmacists began just dispensing them, not compounding them. Today, however, with the advent of advanced […]

Ensuring Proper Foot Care for Your Kid

Healthy and strong feet are essential for your child’s walking, running, and playing. If you neglect proper feet care for your child, certain types of foot pain can emerge later on in their lives. Feet are vitally significant parts of the health of your child. Unfortunately, foot care is something that can be easily neglected. […]