Radiology: X-Ray Imaging

Sweaty Hands And Iontophoresis: What To Expect

Most people suffer from sweaty hands on occasion, but excessive sweating is more than just an embarrassment. Sweaty hands and palms can make it difficult to carry out certain jobs, and can also wreck your confidence. Doctors refer to this condition as palmar hyperhidrosis, and many people across Australia undergo a specialist treatment called iontophoresis […]

How To Whiten Your Teeth At Home

Oral hygiene is an integral component of overall personal hygiene. Poor oral hygiene often leads to dental problems, such as build-up of plaque and discoloration of teeth. It is not only unhealthy to have discolored teeth, it is also very embarrassing. Because not everyone can afford to pay for tooth whitening procedures from a cosmetic […]

The Process of Embalming

If you’ve ever been to an open-casket funeral, you might be asking yourself some questions about the way the deceased person looks: Why do they look like a wax sculpture? How do they still appear relatively fresh a week after they died? This isn’t magic—it’s embalming. Embalming dates way back to ancient Egypt when dead […]