Radiology: X-Ray Imaging

5 Things You Need to Start a New Pharmacy

Pharmacies are a lucrative business today. Due to increase in population and a high demand for medicine on a daily basis, a pharmacy can be a great way to make money. Besides selling medicines only, you can also push daily sales with products such as makeup, skin and hair products, or groceries. However, there are […]

Understanding Age-related Cataracts

Age-related cataracts develop gradually and result in the lens of your eye clouding over. Cataracts can be diagnosed during a routine eye examination, and after diagnosis you’ll be referred to an eye specialist for treatment. If left untreated, cataracts can cause blindness, so undergo treatment as quickly as possible after your diagnosis if treatment is […]

Is pregnancy playing havoc with your feet?

Pregnancy affects every part of your body, from the top of your head, usually giving you lush shiny hair, to your feet, resulting in swollen ankles and painful walking. As your pregnancy develops, the pressure on your feet will increase, giving you more problems, particularly in the last five months. But don’t worry, there are […]

Simple Tips For Managing Multiple Prescriptions

Patients who are suffering from or at risk of serious health conditions, such as heart diseases and diabetes, may require different types of medications to achieve the best outcome. These individuals include the elderly as well as patients with chronic and immunodeficiency conditions. Proper management is vital in ensuring compliance with the recommended effective dose. […]

Improving Vision: Contact Lens vs. Spectacles

When you are diagnosed with an eye defect that requires prescription lenses, the choice between spectacles and contact lenses can be challenging. There is none better than the other per se, but the right information can help you make a decision which will save you from inconvenience and unfavorable financial consequences. Consider this comparison of […]

Understanding Your Hearing Test

Your GP may refer you to an audiologist for a hearing test if they suspect you are experiencing hearing loss. The results of your hearing test will form the basis of your treatment plan, but what should you expect when you attend your appointment? Here’s an overview: Hearing Tests Explained The audiologist will use one […]

Do You Need To See A Podiatrist?

If you are experiencing any foot problems, your family doctor may recommend that you visit a specialist at a podiatry practice. This is a doctor that specialises in problems with the feet, and there are many reasons why patients are referred to podiatrists. For instance, if you have a sore on your foot that will […]

What Kinds of Mouth Rinse Are Available?

Many people are interested in knowing what more they can do for optimal dental health besides regular brushing and flossing. Using a mouth rinse is one option that dentists recommend. This article discusses the kinds of mouth rinse that are available on the market. Mouth Rinses Containing Fluoride Fluoride plays a very important role by […]

Sweaty Hands And Iontophoresis: What To Expect

Most people suffer from sweaty hands on occasion, but excessive sweating is more than just an embarrassment. Sweaty hands and palms can make it difficult to carry out certain jobs, and can also wreck your confidence. Doctors refer to this condition as palmar hyperhidrosis, and many people across Australia undergo a specialist treatment called iontophoresis […]